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FR-2002 ORTHO is a trimming machine endowed with a turning and inclinable electric motor; designed for being used in orthopedic workshops.
It is manufactured on cast iron base with a steel column, fitted to be connected to a central suction circuit or to an independent dust extractor (suction outlet diameter 150 mm.)
Its main features are the self-braking motor at two speeds: 1400/2800 rpm, the suction room with double shutter in order to share the suction power out, a handle for the height adjustment, a trimming shaft 500 mm length with M16 right thread and removable protection.
It is also equipped with a double emergency button to increase the safety in case of necessity.
It’s supplied with the following standard outfits: nr. 1 Fixed Key 24 mm – nr. 1 Fixed Key 19 mm – nr. 2 Shaft’s protections.

It’s possible to equip the machine with electronic speed regulator (INVERTER).

The machine is manufactured following the CE Standards.

nr. 1 Main motor kW 1,5 – 1400/2800 rpm
Width cm. 112
Length cm. 78
Height cm. 162
Weight Kg. 200
Noise Db 59
Power required kW 1,7
Absorption A 3,3 V. 400/50 3-phase

Other features: