VACUUM BIG 3 with Patented rotating system

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Gluing station composed of 3 different types of pressing.

The first basin is designed for light and flat soles: the particular system patented allows you to easily view both the top and the bottom of the
shoe in order to check any critical points for gluing.
It is also ideal for climbing shoes.

The second basin is built for low box soles and for the boots bands.

The third basin was made for boots and bottom box soles, such as motocross boots and mountain boots; where strong pressing is required.

It is endowed with vacuum gauges and a vacuum switch for the control and the adjusting of the vacuum, with an oil pump and with a high resistance and very high stretching membrane.
Automatic switch-off once reached the settled depression.

Technical data:
VACUUM PRESS BIG at 3 stations (triple)
Width: cm. 110
Depth: cm. 85
Height: cm. 110
Weight: Kg. 138
Power: 500 W
Volt. 230/50 Single-phase