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The sand pad rough-scouring machine ST99/1 anti-fire at one working seat has been designed and developed to do scouring workings and sole, heel and shoe-bottom roughing in order to facilitate and to increase the strength of the mastic or of the glue during the shoes mounting. The machine is endowed with one main motor, with diameter 30 mm shaft and two different selectable speeds (1400-2800 rpm).
This particular model is equipped with an independent suction motor that You can activate from the control panel. The main characteristic of this model is the anti-fire device which is composed by a whirl properly designed to keep separated possible fire causes (such as sparks, white-hot nails, and so on) from inflammable dusts.
Even if the system is very reliable; it is not unfailing and it does not ensure the total immunity to the fire problem although the possibilities are reduced to the minimum. By request the version with INVERTER is available.
The machine is manufactured following the CE Standards.

nr. 1 Scouring motors kW 1,1 – 2/4 poles
nr. 1 Fan motor kW 1,1 – 2 poles
Width cm. 73
Lenght cm. 120
Height cm. 289
Weight Kg. 170
Height of the wheel from ground cm. 108
Noise Db 78
Necessary power for the working kW 2,3
Absorption A 5,1 V. 400/50 Three-phase
Other features:

One Working Station
with Suction