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SN MASTER is a rough-scouring machine with vertical roughing belts and it is endowed with two independent working seats, that must be connected to an independent dust extractor as our Model A3000 or to the central suction plant. Every working seat is equipped with one 3 HP motor and an electronic inverter that can be controlled from the control panel through which the User is able to see the working speed on the display and adjust the revolutions’number of the roughing belt according to the working.
Thanks to this, Model SN MASTER can vary the number of the revolutions of the motor from a minimum of 1500 up to 6000. Moreover it is possible to mount wheels with variable width from 35 to 100 mm. and diameters from 80 to 120 mm. Two automatic turnbuckles have been set on the scouring belts, so it is necessary to feed the machine with compressed air.
All this, together with the presence of suction outlets adjustable in height, makes Model SN MASTER suitable for the industrial rough-scouring.
It is available in V. 400/50 Three-phase version and it is manufactured following the CE Standards.

Nr. 2 Scouring motors HP 3 – 2800 r.p.m.
Belts’ lenght mm. 1440
Belts’ width mm. from 35 to 100
Width cm. 129
Lenght cm. 88
Height cm. 186
Weight Kg. 445
Height of wheel from ground cm. 110
Noise Db 76
Working pressure Bar 6
Necessary power for working kW 4,6
Air consumption lt/min. 2
Other features:

Two Working Station