Scheda Tecnica 

The belt rough-scouring machine SN-2B has been designed and developed for scouring and roughing soles, heels and shoe-bottom in order to facilitate and to increase the strength of the mastic or the glue during the mounting of the shoe.
The machine is endowed with two main motors of 1 kW each, with shaft diameter 30 mm and two different selecting speeds (1400-2800 rpm).
It is possible to mount front wheels of 120 mm diameter and of 50, 80 or 100 mm width and rear wheels with 140 mm diameter and 50, 80 or 100 mm width with the respective belts which have a development of 1440 mm.
This particular model is endowed with a aspirator, with double whirl which can be activated from the control panel.
On demand, the machine can be supplied with anti-fire device.

Lenght 116 cm.
Depth 136 cm.
Height 250 cm.

Weight 241 kg.
Scouring motor rotating speed 1400-2800 rpm
Fan motor rotating speed 2800 rpm
Height from the center of the wheel till ground 107cm.

Necessary power for the working 3,9 kW.
Main motor (two) 1,1 kW 2/4 poles
Fan motor 1,5 kW 2 poles
Absorption 8,8 A 400/50 three-phase

Noise (average)78 dB.

Other features:

Two Working Station
with Suction