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The rough-scouring machine F31/B ORTHO has been designed and manufactured in order to be employed in the orthopaedic workshops in order to scour orthopaedic articles frequently encumbering. The machine is endowed with a double 30 mm. shafts and 2 selectable speed motor: 1400/2800 rpm.
It is endowed with two whirls in order to grant a powerful extraction and a suction motor, with double fan, actionable from a control panel.
Thanks to a special suction outlet placed on the left side of the machine and fixed on a guide, it is possible to place nearer or farer, raise or lower the suction near to the part you are working and depending on the needs.
By request the machine can be supplied with naumkeag.
The machine is manufactured following the CE Standards.

nr. 1 Scouring motor HP 1,5 – 1400/2800 rpm
nr. 1 Fan motor HP 1,5 – 2800 rpm
Width cm. 130
Length cm. 138
Height cm. 268
Weight Kg. 193
Noise Db 78
Power required kW 3,2
Other features:

Two Working Station
with Suction