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The rough-scouring machine F31/B PELLETTERIA has been designed and made for leather goods fields, to rough and polish articles even in the big size such as suitcases and bags.
The machine is endowed with a double 30 mm. shafts and 2 selectionable speed motor: 1400/2800 rpm.
It is equipped with two whirls in order to ensure a powerful suction and a suction motor, with double fan, actionable from a control panel.
It is endowed with a big suction protection on the left part of the machine
and a small suction outlet placed on the left part of the machine, in order to obtain a stronger suction on the working position.
Through appropriate adjustments; it is possible to improve the working positions according to the needs.

The machine is manufactured following the CE Standards.

nr. 1 Scouring motor HP 1,5 – 1400/2800 rpm
nr. 1 Fan motor HP 1,5 – 2800 rpm
Width cm. 110
Lenght cm. 138
Height cm. 268
Weight Kg. 184
Noise dB 79
Power required kW 3,2
Other features:

Two Working Station
with Suction