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The brushing-polishing machine C/2 for LEATHERGOODS with increased suction has been designed and built to be used in the leather industry, for brushing and polishing large items such as suitcases and bags.
The machine is equipped with a main engine with double shaft by 30 mm in diameter and with two different selectable speeds (1400-2800 rev / min).
On demand it is possible to have double shaft partially reduced at the ends up to 20mm. in diameter.
Inside the machine there is an aspirator with increased suction with a capacity higher than the normal model that has the function of conveying the residues generated by brushing or polishing into a cloth-bag specially made for.
Moreover it is possible to apply, by request, an additional whirl endowed with a cloth-bag and with a plastic bag to collect the dust in order to increase the filtering capability and the quantity of the residues’storage.

The machine is supplied without brushes or any outfits.

The machine is manufactured in conformity with the CE Standards.

Main motor kW 1,1 – 1400/2800 rpm
Suction motor kW 1,1 – 2800 rpm
Right shaft’s jut mm 350
Breadth cm. 73
Lenght cm. 105
Height cm. 127
Weight Kg. 112
Noise dB 79
Necessary power kW 2,3
Other features:

Two Working Station
with Suction