Scheda Tecnica 


Station for cleaning and sanitizing for shoes, bags, leather goods and  clothing.

The machine is equipped with a stainless steel structure on which there are: a foaming brush for dispensing detergent soap and 3 nebulizer guns for products such as “pre-treatments”, “sanitizers”, “suede revivers” or other water-based nebulizer products.

There is also a motorized brush for cleaning the soles and a steam gun with the integrated possibility of sucking air or spraying water to rinse.

On the upper part, in addition to the lighting system, we find 8 timed drying stations plus a shelf for the more delicate footwear that must dry flat.


In the lower compartment there is the compressor, the chemical product tanks and the steam generator



Technical data:

Lenght:    cm. 125

Width:      cm.   78

Height:     cm. 185

Weight:     Kg. 225