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Swan neck machine, very quit, designed for a quick shoes and boots repair with:
– variable inclination cushion, studied for a perfect adaptation to the sole;
– rubber plate-case block for pressing the heel;
– a set of n. 13 pairs of plaques for soles easily replaceable;
– nr. 2 pairs of plates for heel.
Pneumatic functioning set at 8 atmospheres.
Strong and very quiet compressor joined to a tank.
The rapidity of the execution and the facility in the substitution of the outfits make this machine an innovative and high efficiency realisation, especially in the shoe-repair sector.

This machine is supplied with single-phase motor V. 230/50 Hz only.

The machine is manufactured in conformity with the CE Standards.

Depth cm. 66
Breadth cm. 60
Height cm. 190
Weight Kg. 155
Pressure Atm 8
Necessary power kW 0,5
Other features: