OZONO STATION O3 for sanitizing

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OZONE station for sanitizing shoes, boots, mountain boots, motorcycle helmets, bags, suitcases,leather goods, jackets, toys, small items, cushions, cell phones and much more.
The structure is made of strong metal sheet and has a compartment in the upper area for sanitizing small items and a larger compartment in the area below. The latter is equipped with a shelf for dividing the space and a guide with hangers for clothing that must be sanitized.

Various programs can be selected on the machine according to the cycle to be performed.

The cycles last from 15 to 30 minutes and are composed of 3 phases:
Phase 1: Ozone generation
Phase 2: Sanitization time to allow ozone to destroy mold, bacteria and viruses.
Phase 3: Conversion of ozone (toxic if present in high concentrations) into oxygen.

At the end of each cycle the automatic safety locks, will allow the doors to be opened.

Technical data:

Voltage: V. 230/50 Single phase
Consumption: A 0.6
Power required: 90 W
Width: cm. 36
Depth: cm. 81
Height: cm. 130
Weight kg. 70
Vacuum cleaner noise: 59 dB