OBE 5/86

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Lockstitch sewing machine with two spools of threads for shoes repair and for small productions. The machine OBE 5-86 works with both three-phase and single-phase motor with built-in clutch.
Electrical system of heating is at low voltage for pitching hot threads of the spool.
The machine is equipped with three types of feet for sewing leather soles, rubber and other material.
The presser conveyor can be raised either by hand or foot.
The pressure rod is adjustable.
The stitch length is adjustable from a minimum of 3 mm. to a maximum of 14 mm.
Sewing speed: 120 or 160 stitches per minute, at the request 180 points/minute.
The machine sews thicknesses up to 27 mm.
The horn has been designed for sewing any type of shoe and boots up to 50 cm of height.
The machine is manufactured in conformity with the CE Standards.

Width cm. 57
Length cm. 62
Height cm. 165
Weight Kg. 180
Motor power HP 0,5
Production in 8 working hours Pairs 150/200

Other features: