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The finishing machine K-22 has been designed and manufactured in order to be used in the shoe-repair and shoe-finishing of shoes, boots and leather goods articles.
The machine is able to do four different typologies of works, as it is endowed with:
– nr. 2 Scouring belts 1440 x 50
– Conical roughing tampon for heel breast
– nr. 4 Rotary trimming cutters’ drum – 8500 rpm
– Three-rotary shafts brushing device – 1000 rpm – with manual rotation and 6 outfits
– Indipendent and inclinable naumkeag
– Front drawer for the extraction of the dust
– Trimming cutters sharpening device in endowment.
The dusty residues derived from the workings are sucked from the proper suction outlets, then are filtered by a proper purifying apparatus and stored inside an extractable drawer which is set in the lower part of the machine.
The characteristic of this finishing machine is the automatic cleaning system of the filters which thanks to a particular patented system are able to maintain constant and optimum the filtering capacity advantaging the

The machine is manufactured in conformity with the CE Standards.

Suction motor HP 1,5 – 2800 r.p.m.
Rough-scouring motor HP 1,5 – 2800 r.p.m.
Brushing motor HP 0,75 – 950 r.p.m.
Naumkeag motor HP 0,20 – 2800 r.p.m.
Trimming cutter motor HP 1 – 2800 r.p.m.
Trimming cutter sharpener HP 0,10 – 2800 r.p.m.
Breadth cm. 75
Lenght cm. 137
Height cm. 170
Weight Kg. 445
Noise dB 76,3
Necessary power kW 4,58
Other features:

with Suction