A 2000 GFA

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The dust extractor model A 2000 GFA has been designed to obviate the problem of the dust emission derived from a different processing in the workplace, prevalently in the shoe-manufacturing industry, which may cause any damage to the User’s health.

Thanks to the adoption of some particular clever devices it has been possible to obtain a strong suction by limiting the machine dimension.

It’s endowed with a self-cleaning filter group GFA.

On demand, the machine can be supplied with anti-fire device.

The machine is manufactured following the CE Standards.

Motor: kW 1,1
Revolutions: 2800 rpm
Height: cm. 237
Depth: cm. 81
Width: cm. 119
Weight: Kg. 248
Pipe attachment Ø mm. 150
Air capacity: 1.100 m³/h
Necessary power: kW 2,2
Noise: dB 76,5
Absorption: 4,4 A 400 V 50 Hz Three-phase

Other features:

with Suction