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The R/M INVERTER brushing machine has been designed and manufactured for industrial use; it is endowed with a main motor controlled by an inverter which allows a variation of the number of revolutions per minute from 300 up to 2000; and with a motor,connected to a reducer, which allows the rotation of the drum with brushes.
Moreover this particular model is equipped with one aspirator motor, that You can activate from the control panel.
Thanks to this brushing machine it is possible to obtain a considerable increase of the productivity due to the elimination of the continuous brush changing operations.
In fact it is possible to mount up to 6 brushes at the same time, all available and ready to work by simply pressing the appropriate buttons.
The machine is manufactured following the CE Standards.

nr. 1 Scouring motor HP 3 – 900 rpm
nr. 1 Fan motor HP 1,5 – 2800 rpm
nr. 1 Reducer motor HP 0,25 – 700 rpm
Width cm. 103
Length cm. 146
Height cm. 250
Weight Kg. 390
Shaft projection mm. 360
Noise dB 77
Power required kW 3

Other features:

One Working Station
with Suction