SP 01/2

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The SP-01/2 brushing-polishing machine double station, has been designed and manufactured for the brushing, polishing and finishing of finished products as shoes, boots or leather-goods products and semi-finished products for the shoe-industry and leather-goods factories.
The machine is endowed with a main motor, with shaft Ø 30 mm. and two different speeds selectable from the control panel, 900-1400 rev./min. or on demand 1400-2800 rev./min.
Thanks to this particular regulation it is possible to brush every kind of leather, also reptile’s leather, without fear of ruining them.
This particular model is equipped with double whirl in order to ensure a powerful suction and with two suction motors, independent, that can be activated from the control panel.
The machine is supplied without brushes or any outfits.It is possible to supply the machine with an electronic speed -variator which controls the main motor and allows to vary the RPM from 300 to 2000: SP01/2 INVERTER

Main motor kW 2,2 – 900/1400 rpm
Suction motor kW 1,1 2 poles (nr. 2)
Breadth cm. 116
Length cm. 112
Height cm. 256
Weight Kg. 245
Noise dB 79
Necessary power kW 4,6

Other features:

Two Working Station
with Suction