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Model C/4 INVERTER brushing machine has been studied and designed in order to clean the upper and the edge of the finished shoe from eventual rests of glue of the previous workings.
The machine is endowed with a main motor on which it is possible to mount till to three different types of brushes contemporarily; it is endowed with an inverter which allows a variation of the number of revolutions/min. from 300 to 3000.
This particular adjustment allows the brushing of valuable materials such as leather and reptile leather without the risk of ruining them.
In order to make easier the removal of the glue the machine is fitted with a particular device consisting in a tank in which You have to put the solvent and an adjusting distributor set just on the brush.
Inside the machine there is a fan which has the function to convey the rests of the brushing in a cloth-bag properly made.

Width 87,5 cm.
Lenght 58 cm.
Height 153 cm.
Weight 87 kg.

Brushing motor rotating speed 300-3000 rev./min.
Fan motor rotating speed 2800 rev./min.
Height from the center of the shaft till to the ground 113,5 cm.

Necessary poer for the working 1,95 kW.
Brush motor 0,75 kW 4 poles
Fan motor 1,10 kW 2 poles
Absorption 4,8 A 400 V /50 Hz Three-phase

Noise 77 dB.

Other features:

One Working Station
with Suction