Brushing machine mod. A-4

The Brushing Machine Model A-4 has been designed and manufactured in order to brush and at the same time to polish the shoe uppers. Moreover, it is endowed with an additional nylon brush that is able to clean also the sole, collecting the dirty in the underneath drawer so that it is easier to remove it and clean the machine.
The machine is endowed with an automatic shut-off device that makes the use of the machine practical for the user. For the same reason, the machine is equipped with two supporting handles in order to ensure the balance during the use.
Thanks to its small size and its the low weight, the model A-4 can be used in the hotels, shopping centres, public buildings, airports and even at home in order to have always clean and polished shoes.

The machine is manufactured in conformity with the CE Standards.

Voltage V. 230/50 Single-phase
Motor HP 0,5 – 900 rpm
Width cm. 35
Length cm. 46
Height cm. 90
Weight Kg. 38
Absorption A 1,5
Noise dB 58

Other features: