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Arm sewing machine.
Thanks to its particularly slender arm, CLAES let make seams even in those positions that are usually difficult to reach. Ideal for shoe-repairers, orthopaedists and shops for leather shoes and boots repairing.
The machine is supplied with electronic motor.

The main characteristics of the machine are:
– Extremely slender arm.
– Perfect seam both on fine leather and on heavy materials.
– Feeding foot adjustable in height and suitable for different thickness of material.
– Adjusting thread tightener.
– Turning feeder which allows to sew in all directions without moving the material.
– Continuity adjusting seam length from 0 to 6,5 mm.
– Thread support for more reels.
– the machine is available in version Class 20 with normal reel.

By request it is possible to make the machine endowed with:
– Low tension lamp with transformer
– Wooden table for flat seams.

Max stitches number 450/ min.
Economic stitch number 250/ min.
Stitch’s length 0 – 6,5 mm. with continuous adjusting
Max seam thickness 12 mm.
Needles’ system 81 and 88
Low arm length 490 mm.
Net Weight (only head) : kg. 60
Other features: